Hamster Homes

OUR Hamster Homes

The 2gr cages are made of solid plastic and have a transparent lid that allows you to check the animal. Each cage is accessible through a convenient plastic or metal lid. The cage is totally safe for your pet and comes equipped with all the accessories to make the habitat comfortable. 2gr manufactures hamster cages in various sizes and colours.

A wide range of Hamster Homes

Candy home

Plastic domed hamster cage with iron door, wheel and drinking bottle

Dimensions 44 x 34 x 20h

Cleo home

Plastic domed hamster cage with wheel and drinking bottle    

Dimensions 52 x 38 x 24h

Baby home

Plastic hamster cage with wheel, drinking bottle and house for hamsters

Dimensions 50 x 38 x 25h

Luxury home

Hamster cage with coloured tube, complete with all hamster accessories

Dimensioni 60 x 40 x 30h

Where to find us

Drinking Bottles, Houses and Wheels

The range of hamster accessories produced by 2gr is ideal for creating the best habitat for our little friends. We produce a wide range of rodent traps with the classic sphere, from 70 cc capacity up to 400 cc. Among our products you will find closed hamster wheels and houses in various colours. For more information, please consult our catalogue.

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