2g-r produce more than 350 products for ornithology, as drinkers, feeders, nests and baths, transport cages for birds, cat and dog, turtletanks and hamsters' cages. We produce every products with the best quality in order to ensure the maximum comfort of your little friends.  

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Relax internal nest 02/08/2018 Relax internal nest

Relax internal nest d. 10 Art. 376  Made all in plastic! Picture as example...

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Samsara Nest 02/08/2018 Samsara Nest

Art. 181 Samsara Nest d. 10 cm Practical - washable - complete with all accessories!

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Eclipse Feeder 05/29/2015 Eclipse Feeder

Watch the video of our new no-waste feeder Eclipse! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL86d2J4H...

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