About Us


2GR SINCE 1980

We are a reliable partner in the ornithology sector with over 40 years’ experience.
2gr was founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of moulds for plastic materials for third parties. In 1985, while working alongside mould design and construction together with a strong passion for ornithology, a line of ornithology products was created that made 2gr a world leader in the sector.
We handle the design, production and sale of all our products, guaranteeing the highest Made in Italy quality.
Over the years, market requirements and the creativity of our technical staff have helped expand and improve our range of products. By continuously talking with breeders we have a constant focus on design and production.
Today, 2gr has a presence on the global market with over 400 products for ornithology, dogs, cats, turtles, tortoises and hamsters to ensure the greatest comfort for our small friends.

A wide range

Our range of products includes a wide series of accessories for birds, such as drinkers, feeders, carriers, baths and nests, along with products for small animals like cats and dogs, turtles, tortoises and rodents, such as bowls, carriers, litter trays, turtle and tortoise homes, and hamster cages.

Our products

2gr products stood out right from the start with their quality and easy assembly and use, but our best decision proved to be our search for fully non-toxic materials and our special focus on existing regulations for transporting animals, leading 2GR to become the top manufacturer of plastic bird carriers.

Our constant investment in technology and collaboration with industry experts help us to create revolutionary, high-quality products to improve the rearing and care of our small friends.

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