Carrier and songbird cages

OUR Carrier and songbird cages

The classic transport cages for canaries, finches and Yorkshire canaries, complete with perches and feeders. In cooperation with songbird associations and judges, 2gr has created the plastic singing cage for exhibitions and the cage for preparing the subjects before exhibitions.

A wide range of Carrier and songbird cages

Bird carrier cage Brooklyn

Bird carry cage complete with feeders and perches.

cm 24x16x20h, with iron doors and extractable grill

Transport carrier cage Manhattan

Bird carry cage complete with feeders and perches.

cm 24x16x27,5h, perfect for medium size birds

(New) York Cage

Carry cage for Yorkshire and Lancashire canaries.

cm 24 x 16 x 36h, with extractable grill

Songbird preparation cage

Songbird preparation cage equipped with a grill

Dimensions 24 x 16 x 20h

Songbird display cage

Songbird cage, suitable for displays and created in line with songbird competition regulations    

Dimensions 24,5 x 17 x 18,5h

8-seater carry case for songbirds

Carry case with 8 boxes created for transporting songbirds; the compartments are completely dark

Dimensions 48 x 22 x 43h

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Folding brooder cages

Our foldable brooding cages can be dismantled and folded down to save space. All cages are supplied with all standard hatching accessories. Available in various sizes from 58cm, 90cm to 120cm, with the possibility of purchasing a kit for customised aviaries.

Display cages

The 2gr display cages are produced with the best Italian raw materials, once used they can be disassembled and stored taking up very little space. There are 8 models available, each supplied with perches, feeders and a drinking bottle. Ideal for showing and preparing birds for exhibitions.

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