Brooding accessories

OUR Brooding accessories

We produce a wide range of accessories to complete and improve breeding and specifically the hatching phase. All our products are studied and designed to be easy to use and are manufactured with high quality materials Made in Italy.

A wide range of Brooding accessories

Full jute collector, an essential accessory for canary brooding

Collector with jute and cotton, suitable for use with other fibres for brooding    

Capacity 7 g of jute and cotton, applicable to all brooding cages

Jute holder with jute and cotton, essential for rearing all birds

Jute holder with jute and cotton, suitable for use with other fibres or animal hair    

Can be applied both internally and externally to all brooding cages, contains 11 g of jute-cotton

Twister card holder, an essential accessory for monitoring bird brooding

Plastic card holder with a colour-selecting wheel to improve identification of the state of brooding

The card holder is made of plastic and the dimensions are 12 x 10x x 1,2h

Fake plastic eggs for canaries and finches

White plastic eggs, also available in colour for replacing eggs during brooding.

Egg size 1.3 cm x 1.6 cm also suitable for exotic birds

Feeding cage, suitable for weaning younger birds

This cage can be used for hand rearing with feeding or placed next to the cage for weaning by the mother.

Dimensions 24 x 16 x 19h applicable externally to all brooding cages

Plastic and aluminium bird rings

Small multicoloured plastic and aluminium rings for canaries, exotic birds and generally for other small birds

The plastic rings are supplied with tweezers for attaching to the subject's paw, available in various colours.

Natural fibres for making a nest before brooding

Packs of various types of the finest quality natural fibres

Various fibre compositions for professional breeding available

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Interior nests

Our classic nests for use inside the cage. Made of quality materials and in different diameters to suit all species of birds. Available with plastic hooks to fix to the cage or with iron hooks that can be adapted to all aviaries and cages.

Exterior nests

Our classic nests for installation outside the cage. Available in various diameters and versions, from the cheapest and simplest to the most complex and professional nest.

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