Feeders for wild birds

OUR Feeders for wild birds

Inspired by the shape of a drop of water that, with strength and resistance, clings to the branch without falling. In the same way that water is a source of life, the feeders are also intended to be a source of sustenance for the birds.

A wide range of Feeders for wild birds

Mangiatoia KIKU

Kiku is a seed feeder suitable for outdoor but also aviary birds. The name Kiku is Japanese for chrysanthemum, a symbol of strength and resistance, which also flowers in winter and defies all adversities.

It can hold up to 1.5 kg of seeds.

Mangiatoia UME

Ume is an outdoor feeder for fat balls. Ume, from the Japanese, means plum blossom, as it is born in winter and is known to cope with the hardships of cold weather.

It can hold up to 8 fat balls.

Mangiatoia Comber

Comber feeder for food and water.

Can hold up to 1 kg of seeds

Comber feeder with roof

Green comber feeder with roof.

Can hold up to 1 kg of seeds

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Classic feeders

Our classic feeders to be applied outside or inside the brooding cage. Made of transparent plastic to easily check the amount of food.

Spill-proof feeders with dispenser

Our anti-waste feeders are perfect for avoiding seed waste and differentiating the waste from the rest of the feed.

Other feeding accessories

All our accessories for feeding and feeding vegetables, vitamins and cuttlefish bones.

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