Other feeding accessories

OUR Other feeding accessories

All our accessories for feeding and feeding vegetables, vitamins and cuttlefish bones.

A wide range of Other feeding accessories

Medicine holder Vitality

Accessory suitable for the supply of medicines, vitamins and supplements, with rounded bottom for better cleaning

cm 8 x 2 x 2h , available only clear

Luxury Mash Holder

Mash holder bird feeder with removable cup

Supplied with white or mix colour ring for fixing to the cage

Egg holder

Egg holder feeder, suitable for all cages and all types of birds

cm 6 x 2 x 2h

Biscuit holder

Bird biscuit holder feeder, suitable for all cages and aviaries    

cm 9 x 6 x 2h available in different colours

Cuttlefish holder with plastic hooks

Cuttlefish bone holder accessory, suitable for all cages    

Made of durable, high-quality material

Medicine holder

Medicine holder accessory for all cages, suitable for giving medicine, vitamins and supplements

cm 6 x 2 x 2h , available in white and coloured and transparent

Bird feeder for holding vegetables and jute

Vegetable and fibre holder accessory, can be attached to all types of cages

Suitable for all cages and aviaries

Universal feeding tongs

Universal feeding tongs for fruit, vegetables and other foods

Suitable for all cages and aviaries

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Classic feeders

Our classic feeders to be applied outside or inside the brooding cage. Made of transparent plastic to easily check the amount of food.

Spill-proof feeders with dispenser

Our anti-waste feeders are perfect for avoiding seed waste and differentiating the waste from the rest of the feed.

Feeders for wild birds

Inspired by the shape of a drop of water that, with strength and resistance, clings to the branch without falling. In the same way that water is a source of life, the feeders are also intended to be a source of sustenance for the birds.

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