(Italian Data Protection Authority Provision of 8 May 2014 published in Official Journal No 126 on 3 June 2014 transposing Directive 2002/58/EC)

This document is an integral part of the “website and cookie policy” and has been drafted in this way only to give users a better understanding of the use of cookies and how to disable them.

Please note that users can show their options on the use of cookies on the website (please see the detailed list under the part below “types of cookies”), including through their browser settings by following the instructions provided below. Users may also turn on “anonymous browsing”, which allows them to browse the Internet without it saving any information on websites or pages visited, on potential passwords entered and on other parameter information.

How to disable cookies

Warning: if users disable all types of cookies (including technical ones), certain functions of the website might be reduced or become unavailable.

Third party profiling      

To find out about and disable third party cookies on the website, please see:


More information on how to control, manage and delete cookies on your device

For more information, please visit:  or  or


To disable the types of cookies used by this website directly from your browser:

Chrome .

Internet Explorer .





If you are using a web browser that is not on the list above, please refer to the documents or online guide of your browser for more information.

Users should note that the Data Controller purely acts as a technical intermediary for links shown in this document and cannot be held liable in any way for possible amendments


To find out about and disable cookies by selecting them by type

Third party advertising cookies

Google Analytics: To disable the use of analytics cookies and to stop Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, you can download the add-on available at the following link:

Google AdWords: Users can, fully or partially, disable the use of cookies from Google AdWords by visiting the pages and


Facebook remarketing and custom audience: log in to your account. Privacy section.

Double click Doubleclick”,which tracks the use of this app and the User’s behaviour relating to the advertisements, products and services offered. Users may decide at any time not to use the DoubleClick Cookie by disabling it:

Social Network

Facebook policy:

Facebook (configuration): accedere al proprio account. Sezione privacy.

Linkedin policy:

Linkedin (configuration):



Cookies are small strings of text which are sent to users’ devices (usually their browser) by any websites visited. They are saved on these devices and then sent back to these websites when the same users next visit. Alongside cookies, other similar tools (web beacons/web bugs, clear GIFs or others) that identify users or devices must also comply with the provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority.

While browsing a website, users may also receive cookies on their device that are sent by different websites or web servers (known as “third party”), which may be used by certain features (such as images, maps, sounds, or specific links to pages on other domains) found on the website which they are visiting.

A very large number of cookies can usually be found on users’ browsers and they will also occasionally remain there for a long period of time. They are used for various purposes: running computer authentication, monitoring sessions and saving information on specific configurations regarding users who access the server, etc. More information on cookies can be found at

In order to regulate these devices properly, they need to be distinguished since there are no technical characteristics that separate them from each other based on the purposes of their users. The legislator has therefore taken action in this respect by implementing the provisions of Directive 2009/136/EC, and has made it compulsory to acquire users’ informed prior consent for the installation of cookies used for any purposes other than those of a purely technical nature (Article 1, paragraph 5, letter a of Italian Legislative Decree No 69 of 28 May 2012, which amended Article 122 of the Code).

More information on the cookies used by the website

When you visit this website, “first party cookies” (generated and used by this website) and “third party cookies” (generated on this website by third parties) may be saved on your computer or other device. Please note that if you disable certain cookies, it might limit the possibility of using the website and prevent you from fully enjoying the functions and services offered. To decide which to accept and which to refuse, we are providing a description below of the cookies used by Data Controller is not responsible for subsequent amendments and supplements to the policies or for changes in how third party cookies work.


Types of cookies

Browsing cookies – First party cookies

These cookies ensure normal browsing and use of the website and allow a connection between the server and the user’s browser. These cookies allow the website to work properly and help display content on the device used. Without these cookies, certain requested functions, such as logging in to the website or creating an online shopping basket, might not be provided. Browsing cookies are technical cookies and are required for the website to work.

Functional cookies – First party cookies

These cookies saved on the user’s computer or other device, depending on the user’s request, save their choices in order to remember them to optimise and provide improved, customised browsing of the service or access to this website (for example, saving passwords for members’ areas, saving products in their basket so they can find them again on their next session, saving the selected language, showing a video or the option of commenting on a blog, etc.). Functional cookies are not essential for the website to work, but they improve the browsing experience and quality.


Analytics cookies – Third party cookies

These cookies collect information on how the user uses the website, such as which web pages are visited more often.  This website uses “Google Analytics” third party cookies, a statistical analysis service provided and managed by Google which helps anonymously analyse how users visit the website. The Google Analytics system on it has been set up in order to reduce cookies’ ability to identify users, while functions have also been disabled that allow the third party to cross-check information. With these settings, this type of cookie is similar to a technical cookie.

Useful addresses for a better understanding of the Google Analytics privacy policy and to find the consent forms:


Google Tag manager:

Analytics cookies are not essential for the website to work.


Social Media Network cookies – Third party cookies

Please note that the following cookies shall only be active during promotional campaigns.

These cookies allow the user’s social media account to interact with this website and are not essential for it to work. They are most commonly used to share content on social media networks. The presence of plug-ins involves sending cookies to and from all websites run by third parties. Please refer to the relevant policies to see how the information collected by “third parties” is managed. To guarantee greater transparency and convenience, below you will find the web addresses of the different cookie management policies and procedures.

Facebook informativa:

Facebook (configurazione): accedere al proprio account. Sezione privacy.

Linkedin informativa:

Linkedin (configurazione):


Advertising cookies – Third party cookies

Please note that the following cookies shall only be active during promotional campaigns.

These cookies help create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages that match the preferences shown by users when browsing online. While users browse this website, these cookies are used to show products they might be interested in or similar ones to those viewed. This type of cookie is not essential for the website to work.

This website  has third party cookies, i.e. sent by third party companies. 2GR does not have control over the information provided by cookies and does not have access to this data for third party cookies. This information is controlled by third party companies according to the provisions of the relevant privacy policies.


This website uses

Ad words: for more information – e

The “Doubleclick”, cookie tracks the use of this app and the User’s behaviour relating to the advertisements, products and services offered.
Users may decide at any time not to use the DoubleClick Cookie by disabling it:

Linkedin AdS

Facebook remarketing and custom audience: for more information Facebook policy:

Facebook (configuration): accedere al proprio account. Sezione privacy.


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